Sparrows is Soaring into the Ink Life Tour in Amarillo

From February 16th through the 18th, Sparrows Tattoo Company will be representing themselves at the 8th Ink Life Tattoo and Music Fest in Amarillo Texas.

According to, The 8th annual Ink Life Tour is a three-day mega and is one of the highest attended events of its kind. Attendees come to listen to great national bands while getting tattooed by some of the worlds best artists. There will also be performances such as the astonishing human suspension show that happens daily at Ink life, and the world famous Captains Sideshow that will provide you visualizations of the human body breaking barriers of what one thought to be impossible.

Cody Cummings will be representing Sparrows Tattoo Company by slinging some sick ink for convention guests. He will also be honoring his late brother, Clint Cummings, by presenting a custom Clint guitar to be given to the winner of the Best Comicbook Tattoo, a category that was created in honor of Clint Cummings.


The convention will be at the Amarillo Civic Center 401 South Buchanan Street Amarillo, Texas 79101